WHY AM I DOING THIS ?    

Well, I can’t answer that…yet! Many of you have been following me for years and have seen how my life has changed. So our adventure continues. I say “our” because I have become a “WE” person. You could call it a “new” Spiritual connection or the discovery of “What I can’t do we can.”  Either way I am at total peace with whom and what I am. I have learned accepting other people for what they are and do, have brought me to this point of being “really happy” on the inside.


Living in Mexico and now in Thailand has only added to my growing experience. I have tried to learn one thing a day that makes my life better and happier. It’s working! I tried to learn two things a day, but it just got too complicated for me. In spite of my five days in jail in Belize, today I can say, “was the best thing that ever happened to me.” I didn’t even do anything wrong!” That was the point of my new beginning!
For you, the people who don’t know me yet, I am 67 (but never did act like my age) I now live in Thailand and do volunteer work at an orphanage, and other stuff. I do not work all the time. I love to write, make videos and swimming Remember I’m retired. I live on a low-budget from my Social Security. So I do cheap things oh, I mean inexpensive. My life is in balance (most of the time.) I do a little of everything and not too much of anything.

Now how this walk challenge got planted in my head. With my busy, un-busy lifestyle, I manage to watch Netflix once in a while on my computer. I saw the movie “The Way” with Martin Sheen. In the movie, he did the same walk we will be doing. I couldn’t sleep after watching this. I awoke the next morning and said, “I am going to do this!” It was what I call “A no-decision, decision!”
Shirley MacLANE did this walk, and she said, “Everyone has a different experience. You will discover your own!” The mystery of this is what intrigues me!  You can join me on this walk. Even, the last 100 miles is OK. If you can’t I’m still going to take you along! Via Facebook and this Blog, you will be with me every step of the way! Don’t forget this is a “WE” walk!
If you want to see on video how I am preparing for the walk just click these two links. Remember if you’re not having fun with life you’re doing something wrong; you must change something!    Jim

More coming soon.

Jim’s getting ready swim!               Jim’s practice walk!

News flash!
We already have five people! There will be one from the US, one from England, two from Kenya and myself from Thailand. We may also have one person from Egypt join us.

Don’t forget you can join me any time. The only rule is for those who start at the beginning; we start our first step together on June 1st 2013.

After that you can walk fast or slow (like me) as you want, we do not have to keep together. I plan to walk 16 miles a day, more or less, and meet at a designated location for the night. At 16 miles a day, we should make it in 30 days. The plan is, there is “no plan!” It’s not a contest.
This will be a fun experience! To make it extra interesting I will get a one-paragraph statement from everyone on “Why they are doing the walk.”  When we finish they will write another one on what they got out of the walk. I got the feeling these two statements will be completely different.

So buckle your seat belt, we will be taking this ride soon whether it’s physically or cyberly ( I just looked up cyberly in the dictionary, there is no such word) you will be along for the ride!

This will also blend in perfectly with our (you and I) new weekly internet radio talk show. This will be called “VOLUNTEERS CHANGING LIVES.” The first season will be related to “HOW TO LIVE FROM THE HEART.” Any proceeds from the show will be donated to different charities.    Jim

If you have any questions or comments just click the comment link above or send me an email.

Also if you want to check out any of the videos I have on my You Tube channel click this link  Jim’s You Tube Channel

And….for you newbie’s who dare to become a part of my life.  Click “about Jim” at the top, to get to know the real Jim!



  1. seeker57 says:

    Just like I said I’m right behind you. Your motto should be “Keep calm and Follow Me” . I read this from my neice who’s barely a teen but has a brilliant mind. I will be doing more of a stroll can’t join the Century group. You’ll be just fine. $ or no $. Pax tecum.

  2. shanni rafaella coleman says:

    Jim I am coming to walk with you if it is ok with you, I doubt I will get to c u in thailand before then so honestly it would be my honour to walk with you start to finish. Keep in touch shanni 😉

    • Shanni, what an honor it would be to walk with you! However, there is so much more to this walk. I do not want to put anyone through some of the challenges I expect to face. Plus I do not want anyone to feel obligated to help me with the “no food” issue or any of my other needs. Now there is another option, we take the first step together on June 1st? After that day, we will be on our own, well not really, because you and I know we, both have a connection with our H.P., and that we will never be alone! Let’s talk more about this via email. We miss you in Thailand.

  3. Jim Burns says:

    Good luck Jim. I know you can do iy.

  4. Jim Burns says:

    Good luck Jim. I know you can do it.

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