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                               I think I’ll go for a walk! Wanna join me?

First of all, the response to this new adventure in “our” lives has overwhelmed me! People from all over the world that has done this or want to, have become involved.

This historic walk also called “The way of St James” named after me… lol. This has been going on for over a thousand years and is sometimes labeled as a pilgrimage. I don’t like that word because it sounds to god fearing for me. I am a spiritual person not religious.

We will have two groups on this adventure, one who will do the complete 484-mile walk. The others can join us on the way. Either one is OK. The plan is the original group walks 16 miles a day and should finish in 30 days. We will have a map of where we should be and when. I will have a cell phone with me. If it doesn’t work I will use smoke signals!

Below are 15 reasons “not” to take the walk, with of course my response."Should I"

I’m too old!
Hey, get over it! We’re doing this to feel young again. It’s like an opportunity to go back in time!
 I’m too young!
No one is too young! Bring your kids or grand kids. I promise this will be a life experience never to be forgotten.

 I don’t have the money! 

This is the number one excuse not to go! First of all, just pretend you have the money. I know pretending doesn’t help your bank account. Nevertheless, I guarantee this will open up some doors you never thought about. You may have friends who want to pitch in on your expenses. Consider your church or a civic origination which may want to sponsor you? Consider a second job (or in some cases a first job). In any case start to visualize taking that first step. I promise an answer will come!

I don’t have the time!
 TIME!!!…that’s all we have, how we use it is the question. Is the time you have really, making you happy if not try something different? I know taking off work for a few weeks or longer can in itself be a challenge. However, ensure your boss you will return a more productive employee. If you handle this right, there is a good chance your boss and other employees may want to help with some of your expenses. Get them involved, you may be surprised that your journey will be an inspiration for them in their lives.

My legs couldn’t handle 16 miles a day!
Practice-Practice-Practice but don’t overdo it. Walk a few miles every week. Believe it or not, your mental condition is more important than your psychical condition. Remember this is not a contest. If you walk a few miles, a day that’s OK. It’s all about the journey not the destination!

I don’t need the exercise; I go golfing once a week! 
Bring your clubs, putter not necessary.

I can just watch the movie… (The Way) without leaving my couch!
Oh a couch potato, well this adventure you will never see on TV. Conforming to your regular lifestyle will always make things seem boring.

I don’t want to sleep in a hostel and hear others fart!
No problem, we will provide nose and ear plugs!

I don’t like French and Spanish food!
Sorry no Mc Donald’s on the way. However, I think you will change your mind about the French-Spanish cuisine. Along the trail, you will find food you never heard of before. Even so, it will be very tasty, according to the “Food Channel.”

I don’t like sleeping under the stars…aliens may attack me!
Who knows this un-invited guest may become our friends? I heard the Universe is pretty big; there may be something out there.

I don’t need any “Spiritual Experience” having sex is enough for me! (I always use the expression…”OH GOD!”)
Hmm…I don’t have an answer for this one!

Sounds like a waste of 30 days of my life! 
That’s a possibility; however, you would be the first person to make that statement according to everyone who has done the walk.

I couldn’t handle wearing the same underwear for three days in a row!
I can hear my mother now! “What if you have an accident and while at the hospital, they saw your dirty underwear? There are places on the road that do laundry and even have showers! Does that meet with your approval mom?

I don’t need any new friends, the ones I have always buy me a beer!
There are plenty of pubs on the way, but I got the feeling you will be buying your new friends a beer!

Going to another country…I’m sure I will be kidnaped!
Sorry no such luck. Everyone assumes anyone doing this walk does not have much money. They think you’re doing this so you can find you’re “Pot of Gold.”

My kids will hate me. I’ll be spending their inheritance! 
Actually, your kids will probably spend your money on fast cars and face-lifts! In reality, most kids want nothing more than their parents to be happy and enjoy every moment they have left of his or her life!


This is my second story of the walk, if you missed the first one just click on Previous Post link above. Don’t worry I won’t send you an email every day with boring stuff. I will send you an update every Sunday and will make sure it’s something fun to read. 

My goal is to make you smile! I will not try to sell you something or ask for money (unless I get stuck in jail and need bail money). Remember every one of you are a part of this walk, even if you’re not going with us. I invite comments and suggestions. Especially… if it’s a humorous one. How about why you can’t do the walk? You can sign up for this weekly post by making a comment. I love this “life thing,” thanks for being a part of it!  Jim


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