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One of the beautiful sights on “THE WAY” one of our goals is to have sore-less feet!

To them, I say, “THANK YOU.” That is all I need to want to do this a “little bit more.” Please keep telling me it is impossible! As my good friend from Texas, Jimmy Haugen always said, “One thing about doing the impossible, you have no competition.”

I have been warned traveling with no money will be very dangerous. I might even end up in jail! Well, that’s nothing new for me. Remember, I was put in jail in Belize for not having proper identification. It turned out that my five-days in jail was the best thing that ever happened to me. That was three years ago, and my life changed (for the better) since that painful experience. All the questions I ever had about life were answered!

Einstein said, “For an idea that does not first seem insane, there is no hope” See…I’m qualified to do this walk!

I just got an email from a friend who said, “This trip ain’t going to happen.” He feels the world will be in total chaos when I leave on my new adventure. Well, my view is much more optimistic, than that! If the world comes to an end before my trip, I guess I won’t be going. Worrying about the future cause’s anxiety, and I don’t go their…anymore! However, I don’t see that happening, and I’m surly not going to worry about it! I can actually visualize seeing me take my first step and my last one.

I know I’m a recovering alcoholic! However, I am soon to become a recovering… “Walk-aholic”

Now there will be three groups involved, the “Normal People” group that will be making the whole 484-mile journey. They will be staying at hostels or hotels and enjoying some really authentic home cooking on the way. Plus see some of the world’s most beautiful sights.

Remember stress level zero is the goal. “ENJOY THE MOMENT” is our theme! Sorry, any 9 to 5 thoughts will not be allowed!
The second group will be people who can’t do the whole walk or cannot take that much time off work. They can join us on the way. I will have a map of where we should be every day. Facebook will have our daily update.

Even if there are those of you who want to join us the last 100 mile’s that is OK. We will call you the “Century Gang.” I have that last 100-mile route finished.

The final group will be called “The One Click Clan,”  which will consist of those of you with sore feet, low energy or no money, or won’t even consider the trip. We need you also! You can follow our day by day excursion on F.B. I will try to send out a daily narrative with photos. That’s if I can find an internet cafe on the way, which should not be a problem.
I have found the perfect tent on eBay. It pops open in 10 seconds; it only weighs 6 pounds cool hey! Now I’m looking for a light-weight sleeping bag and an inflatable mattress and pillow. I am trying to keep my total carrying weight to 20 pounds or less.

Feel free to share this link on any website you can think of. I want the world to join us on this exciting journey.

Love and stuff…Jim

I am still getting the question, Aren’t you afraid of what might happen to make this trip with no money?” The answer is “YES.” I have the money to pay my way if I wanted to. However, I must tackle this fear of asking someone I don’t know for help. There must be a lesson for me in all this. I think it is… the true meaning of “HUMILITY?”

Next week, I hope to make a huge announcement on how the King of Thailand may be involved in our walk!  J

Click here to watch my new “INVITE” video!



  1. Nancy Burress says:

    Jim I am so excited just to follow you on this journey….You are amazing…God has wonderful plans for you ahead………Your friend Nancy

  2. Keep us posted,Go for it…and have a wonderfull journey..

  3. victor boxtaele says:

    your sick dude it is a long way to walk but i wish you a the best grtz victor

  4. Very interesting concept of walking with no money at all and relying on the kindness of others. I wonder if there really is enough kindness in the world to get someone 500 miles? I certainly hope so! I’m starting out from SJPP just a few days ahead of you, May 27th, my 31st birthday. But I’m fat and slow so if you see a very lost and confused American, the cafe con leche or whatever they call it over there will be on me!

    • Hi “FAT & SLOW” lol hay we will most likely meet. I will also be slow but it’s not a contest…right! What a great way to celebrate your 31st year. I got the feeling it will be a new beginning for both of us. I will look for you just for the cup of coffee. Let’s enjoy this unknown adventure! Make sure you keep a journal of your experience. Jim

  5. ljdaluz says:

    Sir, I must say this whole blog is so inspiring. I just saw your blog in the Weekly Writing Challenge comments and I thought, this must be interesting. I hope I’d be able to make that walk someday. From experiences I’ve had in my (young) life, I learned that sometimes you should learn to stand up for yourself. If you think you can do it, do it. Even when the people closest to you think otherwise. At the end, if you’re right, carry on. If you’re wrong, then a lesson is learned. You win both ways. God bless you, Mr. Jim. I’m looking forward to reading about your walk.

    • Thank you for your words of wisdom. You are so accurate about learning more from things that you do wrong then the right ones. Sounds like you have had plenty of “LIFE” experience yourself. Sometimes the easy way is to do nothing, but that’s no fun is it? Change and risk are what it is all about. However, the most important part is passing it on so others don’t make the same mistakes. Volunteering here in Thailand has been one of my greatest gifts to make my life complete, but I’m not finished yet! We still learn something new every day if we choose to. I will be walking by myself but not alone; God will be at my side for the 484-mile walk. I think I will bring you along also, at least in Spirit. Jim

  6. Your blog is very inspiring. Glad to know there are people like you out there who are living an exciting life. You have beautiful pictures as well!
    I visited Thailand 2 years back. Since both my husband and I are travel enthusiasts and love visiting places, we used a travel book my husband had to visit places in Thailand instead of going via the tourism guys. At the end of the trip, we did have a feeling of seeing more and getting more out of our trip. But your blog makes me feel that we have missed a lot. Great blog!

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