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EXERCISE SUCKS! Can I do the 484-mile Camino Walk…without it?





Well, I’m not going to take the chance! So, I walk and walk plus swim to get ready.

I know, I always say…”LIFE IS MEANT TO BE FUN!” 

I live in a 13 story condo and am taking on the challenge of walking up and down the stairs. Every day, I add one more story to my routine. So far, I am up to 58 stories… I do “NOT” enjoy this…It’s not fun!  However, when I finish, I feel good. Now, I do enjoy jumping in the pool and swim my eight laps, my solution for being all HOT & SWEATY.

Now, this brings me to the question (I love talking to myself…because I always get the right answer… lol) is my 484-mile walk more… physical or mental? Don’t know…but will do the GET IN SHAPE thing, now!

The mental part, ohhhh it is my real test. Fear; yes…ME- DO- HAVE! Since I will be walking with no money or food, will I have the courage to ask someone “DO YOU HAVE ANY FOOD TO SPARE?” I will not ask anyone for money, but will; I have the nerve to ask for food? A part of me thinks it would be easier to walk hungry then to ask for help. Don’t know how this will turn out? Nevertheless, I must try to overcome this fear. If not, I will have to walk awful fast to get to the end!

My goal is to walk 15 miles a day at that rate I will finish in 30 days. If I turn into a slow-poke at 7-8 miles a day, I’m looking at 60 days. Either way I am OK with that duration, I am not in a race!

We made it to the top!

We made it to the top!

 Earlier this week, my buddy’s and I took on the dare to climb a mountain; no big deal ,except it was 400 steps almost straight up. Wow, this was tough, harder than climbing the steps to my apartment. Believe me, it was more difficult going downwards, because if you make one wrong step, you would roll down the mountain with no happy ending!

Fear…. It has been on my mind all this week!
My friend Paul has taught me a good lesson. He was terrified of heights, I say… WAS!



Paul followed a simple rule of ONE step at a time and said, “We will make it!” He changed the word “I” to “We” and the fear started to diminish.

Check out our short video of our mountain challenge, click here!

What does this have to do with my walk…everything!

I do not have a fear of starving to death, which will not happen! However, I am afraid of what the lack of food will do to my body and head? There I go again, projecting what may happen. Ok Jim, get back on track here! Hey, 90% of what you worry about never happens anyway, the other 10%…oh well. My friend from Cancun says, “God provides for the birds,” maybe; I should grow wings? Or perhaps, I already have them?

So I feel fear is good, it tells me something is right or wrong! Even so, the alternative, to do nothing, will prevent me from any possibility of growth.

                              Fear of failure!

Most people do not have failures in their lives! Why…because they never try anything new. It is much easier to conform then adapt. The word change is not even in their vocabulary. Think back to the beauty and innocence of a child. When they attempt that first step, they fail, but they get encouragement from their parents to keep on trying, they become “WE” and overcome their fear of falling. My friend Paul overcame that same fear by doing one step at a time and used the energy of another to succeed.

I will be doing the same thing, to get over my fears….one “baby” step at a time!
Love & stuff…Jim



My next challenge in the following few weeks is to swim underwater from one end to the other at this really BIG pool at Chiang Rai, University. They told us “It has never been done!” Of course, that is all I needed to hear. I think? I can do it! Now let’s see if my head will agree with my body? Yes, I will video my attempt.

Jim & his wife

Jim & his wife Pharadee

My friend Jim Burns started a new blog with all kind of fun stuff to do in Thailand. It is very entertaining and informative. Click here to check it out.

blmt 9 For you that have not joined the “BIG HARTS GANG” now is your chance to get in on the contest of…”I BET JIM CAN’T MAKE IT!” Hey, it’s only five bucks and no one pays until I complete the 484-mile walk! If I lose you will have to come to Thailand to collect, you can get five dinners for that! 100% of that money will go to my friend Farah, who has started the orphanage “OUR HOME KENYA” her challenge is much tougher than my little 484-miles!

More FUN stuff from me! I know “STUFF” is not proper, however, writing a blog you do not have to be “Politically Correct” who is going to fire me, anyway?  Again…. Love & stuff, kindness, compassion oh, you get the message….J

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  1. Jim Burns says:

    Thank you Jim. Keep up the good work and exercise.

  2. Well done Jim . Your a natural at web design ! Get your butt back in chiang rai miss having you around ! says:

    Another great video Jim ! Thanks for carrying me up the mountain .
    Your a real inspiration to me .

  3. Thanks Guys, it’s so much easier when we do it with the word “WE” it’s less pain-less!

  4. Jamie Dedes says:

    I think it would be wonderful to exercise by walking El Camino. It looks like you, Jim, have a gift for living life hugely.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog.

    Be well and blog on …

  5. mabel8ble says:

    is it a temple? I like that structure a lot

  6. nrhatch says:

    I don’t remember if you read Rosie’s blog . . . but she walked the Camino recently:


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