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My days are numbered!

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In a few weeks, I will be on my way from Bangkok to Paris. I will take my 1st step on my 484-mile stroll June 1st.  My walk, “The Camino de Santiago” from France to Spain is “NOT” about me! I know my walk will be challenging with no money or food. However, the real story is how we are saving a child’s life in Kenya. My walk will be easy, compared to the challenges they face in Kenya!

Help Maureen put a "Dr" in front of her name!

Help Maureen put a “Dr” in front of her name! 

Our goals; to love, provide and educate! 

How would you sleep tonight knowing…you helped 11- year old Maureen

(who had no chance at life) become a Doctor? 

Our donation website will be launched in a few weeks. I started out with $1,000 goal and quickly changed it because of your response to $3,000. Today with all the new interest; it is now $5,000 with a possibility to go much over my expectations.

                  At “OUR HOME KENYA,” we are DREAMERS…
Farah’s dream is coming true!

A few days ago, I got a call from Bruce Kennedy, who leads our drive with the commitment of $1 a mile for the walk (that’s almost $500) he asked if anyone has topped his offer? I said, “No, Not Yet!”

                              For anyone who gives a $100 or more. 

At the entrance to the orphanage, “OUR HOME KENYA” will be a plaque with your name on it. Above your name will say,


Don’t worry if you’re in the $5 group, you are needed and not forgotten. I will give each of you a hug and might even throw in a kiss? Now, for you who have no money, how about helping with some on-line work, for this you will get two extra kisses! I desperately need some Internet help! When I start my walk, I will have very little access to the net, I will have to find libraries that have free Internet.

These children, want to be your friend!

These children, want to be your friend!

For you that have been following me for the past 15 months on my swimming underwater challenge. As a child my life goal was to hold my breath submerged for three minutes, I did that last year. So I thought swimming underwater would be easy…WRONG!

I went to Chiang Rai University pool, and the manager said no one has ever swum underwater for the full length of this Olympic pool. Of course that’s all I needed to hear. I said, “I will give it a try,” hay; it’s merely 50 meters (164 ft.) I tried it a few weeks ago and only made it 30 meters. So last week, on my 68th birthday I said, “I will try it again!” Yes… I made it!

As I write this, trying to keep my ego down (sometimes “not” easy) I want to tell you this story, if you’re going through some rough times or having a problem with someone or something, you care about, don’t give up! Look for new options. Acceptance opens the door to fresh possibilities!

Anyone can swim underwater for 50 meters if, you’re willing to fail on the way to get to your goal. I am an expert at failing! Today, I f428 blearn from my mistakes, and keep looking for new enlightenment in my life.  I “AN NOT” a superman! I just keep trying!
I remember Thomas Edison when talking about inventing the light bulb saying, “I had to succeed, because I ran out of ways that did not work!”

Below is something I wrote awhile back,
I reread it often to keep me on track.

I wanted MORE out of life; I sat back and waited and waited; nothing happened! Change is un-comfortable, fear of doing something wrong…failing. My greatest life lessons came from failing! Not trying is so easy, change is… difficult.

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My backpack & tent…I’m ready!

 More coming soon, I’m excited!…Love & Stuff Jim

Next Blog …“How the money will be spent.”

The video on my successful swim coming soon, the last video was on my “FAILURE” lesson.

So many people helping out on this project, my friend Shanni from the U.K.. is helping! She has got a group involved in supporting my walk to “Save a Life in Kenya” the Crawley Football Magazine. WOW…THANK YOU… for hopping on the bandwagon.

I wanted to buy a small handheld cassette recorder, that I found on eBay (to record my every thought during the walk) and sent a message to see if they would ship to Thailand. Dustin Roggenburg from Chicago, responded saying he liked our mission in Kenya, he would give me the recorder free. Another WOW!

Another friend Rhett Miller from Butte, Montana sent me a I phone so I can listen to books and music during my walk. Hey, I can dance along “THE WAY!”  WOW, again (I won’t run out of wow’s) I just ordered a solar charger to keep me in tune.

I meet Bill at the pool; he gave me 1,000 baht (about $32) to help the Kenya kids. WOW!

Now, some schools and churches are getting involved, could use your help with that.

Believe it or not, I have other things going on in my life? The New Life Foundation (looking for volunteers) had a Flash Mob show at the mall celebrating “EARTH DAY” they did a mediation and then broke out into a dance. I had fun making this video, check it out! Just click…Thailand, FLASH MOB DANCE.  Stay happy, J

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  1. Christine says:

    Can’t believe the time has come!!! Good luck, good health, good hiking 🙂

  2. Charlene S says:

    Best of luck Jim. I know you’re going to succeed.

  3. Lorraine & Robert Glover says:

    Good luck Jim. Thinking of you from Robert & Lorraine in UK.xx


  5. charlene mullick says:

    WOW Jim, don’t know what to say! Well yes we do know what to say, we are so proud to call you our friend. You have turned negatives in your life to positive ones, doing all with GRACE! We are so proud of you and can’t wait for you to complete your goal. GOOD LUCK JIM!!!

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