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The question was asked, “Don’t you think we should support our own family and friends first, before we look at helping someone in another country?”

Of course, family and friends should always be your priorities! However, what is in store for your and their future?



There is ONE thing “EVERYONE” I know agrees with, that they would love to have “WORLD PEACE” the solution to make this happen is “NOT” complicated; it’s simple. It is the children!

The children plus a computer is the answer! It’s not a big world…anymore; it is a one-click answer to educate the kids about new options in life. They can now see how others achieved balance and peace into to their lives. The beauty of a child with the curiosity of a cat can make this happen!

What does this have to do with my walk….”EVERYTHING!” 

You can lower your stress level, by helping another “IN STRESS!”


How about pitching in one penny a-mile for the kids? Click>>> HERE to say YES, that’s only 5 bucks!



Maureen, now a part of YOUR life!

Maureen, now a part of YOUR life!

Hi, I’m Maureen and I’m 12 years old. I come from a village very high up in the highlands of Kenya. My family is all farmers and they are experts in growing beans and maize because the soil is very rich and fertile. My mummy is very sick and has been for a long time. When she is sick she doesn’t know what she is doing so she puts my brother, Alex, and I in danger. I know that she loves us very much but she is not able to protect us sometimes. Because of Mummy’s illness, Alex and I are now living in Nakuru and go to school every day. I absolutely love school because it means I can do my favorite pass-time of reading all day long. When I am grown up I want to be a doctor so I can help my mummy and other sick people like her so they don’t have to suffer like I did.



Hello, my name’s Alex and I am Maureen’s 7 year old brother. Now that we have moved away from our family and our farm, I spend a lot of my time playing football and reading. I hope to become a famous footballer when I’m older and play for Kenya. When my Mummy is sick I know that she can do bad things but Maureen tells me that it’s not her fault so I still love her very much. Now that I am in Nakuru I am happy that I can go to school everyday and play football. Also, every Friday in Our Home Nakuru we have a special treat and eat chapatti and goat meat which is my absolute favorite! But, I miss our farm and want to live with my mummy again and want to see her get better.


Hi, Judy here! I’m 12 years old and go to school with my best friend Maureen. We met in Nakuru and live together in Our Home



Nakuru, we spend all our time together, she’s like a brand new sister and I love it! When I’m at school I really love learning about Kenya and its History but I hate math – it’s really hard. My family lives on the great plains surrounded by mountains and lakes. My community is very close and they all work together to help each other out and if we ever have problems, we ask the village chief and elders to sort it out for us. I hope I can be respected like a village elder one day and hope I can go back to my village to help them with any problems they have. And imagine if my best friend, Maureen, could come with me!




Hello, my name is Evans and I am the middle child between Judy and Benson. We all come from a village near the mountains and lakes. Now that I live in Nakuru, I absolutely love playing football with Alex. We play football at any moment we can but we are only allowed to play if we’ve finished our homework. I hate homework but my sister, Judy, tells me it’s very important so I have to do it. I wish my teachers would give me football homework – now, that I would do! Every half term I go back to my village and stay with my auntie. We have a lot of fun there, playing with my cousins but I also have a lot of work to do, plowing the farm and looking after the cows because my Uncle cannot do it all alone.


Hi-ya, I’m Benson and I’m the youngest brother to Evans and Judy. We have always lived together and are really close. So, when I



learnt that we would continue living together in our new home in Nakuru, I was really excited. And it was even better when I got there and met Alex who absolutely loves playing football, like me! But football is not everything with me, I also love maths! If you gave me maths problems to solve, I would be happy doing them all day long. In fact, I love it so much that I got the highest marks in my whole school in maths last term. I can’t wait to go home and tell my Aunty about my maths score. I think she’ll be proud of me but I know that she’ll still want me to work on the farm but I don’t mind helping out.




Hey, I’m Joan and am a huge four years old. I started baby school last year but am definitely ready to go to big girls’ school next year and walk to school with the big kids. I warn you, I may be little but I have a big mouth and I can shout really loud! I love living with all the other big kids because they look after me and there is always somebody for me to play with. But the best part about being four is that I am old enough to look after baby Chela. She’s only three years old so I look after her by making sure she’s eating and washing properly. One day, when I’m older than Maureen and Judy, I’ll look after them too! I come from the same village as Judy, Evans and Yator and we all play together when we are there but there house is quite a long walk from mine so I don’t go there too often.


I’m the youngest member of Our Home Nakuru and my name is Chela – well, I’m older than the dog but she’s bigger than me now so



that doesn’t count. I have just started school this year and I love it because I wear a dress and draw pictures all day long. My mum thinks I’ll be an artist one day but I’m not thinking about that now, I just want to wear a dress and play with Joan. I am very lucky because I live with my mum in Our Home Nakuru, she is the one making sure everybody is happy and loved. I don’t mind sharing my mum with the other children because I know they all need a mummy  very much.

Do you think my 164 foot underwater swim will help me on my 484-mile walk? Watch the video>>HERE.

My heart, body & soul are 100% into this walk! This will be the toughest challenge I have had in my life; on the other hand, it was the easiest decision I ever had to make.  To save a child’s life and I don’t have to do it alone! “WE”…will make this happen. All my love…Jim
Only one more blog message before I leave on my stroll. Remember, no emails from me when I start the walk.  Facebook will be my only communication when I can find free internet. F.B…  Jim Kaszynski or Jim’s Camino de Santiago.



  1. I used too be recommended this blog by way of my cousin.
    I am no longer certain whether this put up is written by way off him
    as nobody else understand such designated about my trouble.
    You are wonderful! Thank you!

  2. Incredible! Тhis blog looks еxactly like my old one!
    It’s on ɑ totally ɗifferent subject Ьut itt Һas pretty mucɦ thе
    ѕame lsyout and design. Grеаt choice off colors!

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