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So, we will stick with “TILL-NEXT- TIME,”



My last blog till?

I have no idea how long my walk will take, let’s see I am 68, so should reach the end, by the time I turn 80, just kidding; plan on 30-60 days. Remember my only communication to you will be on Facebook.



So pitch in a penny-a-mile “OR MORE” all the money we get will go to the kids in Kenya, “Our Home Kenya.” I have two people who committed $1 a-mile, YES! Click HERE to join the “YES” group.



One more important announcement; my friend Scott Hensley has offered to help with our campaign. A volunteer like this, is… what it’s all about. He has helped me on several other projects and has his heart in the right place. He will be taking care of any questions and giving updates during my walk. Thanks Scott

Scott, is currently looking for a position as a Digital Marketing Analyst/Strategist so if you can help, let Scott know; his resume is quite impressive.
More about Scott… click here.

Every person who has walked the Camino has had an unlike experience. However, they do agree on one thing…they were a different person, then the one who took that first step, his or her life became enlightened in one way or another.

Hundreds of thousands of people has had this experience and have been doing it for over 2,000 years. I like best what one pilgrim said when he finished, “I had a thousand questions when I started and even more when I finished. However, the “NEW” questions were my answers!” It was a totally unknown way to look at life! I can’t wait for the “NEW” questions!

OK, I will do the walking…you can do the talking! Please tell your friends about our imposable challenge! Click the “FEEL

GOOD” box on the right and tell me if something inside you changes.
Love you all; see you on the other end, Jim

I am all packed and ready to go, being I am walking with no money or food; my packing list is very long and light. I think; I thought of everything? After 100 miles, I will know for sure!

I was looking for a reasonable place to stay in Paris, no luck. So, I checked out Couchsurfing.  That’s when someone offers you a free bed to stay in their home anywhere in the world. Got an offer from Gilles Schoch in Paris he offered me a bed, very interesting person, can’t wait to meet him!

One final note, for all the people who still say “You won’t make it!”  Everything in life is much more difficult with the word “I” in it, I just changed that to “WE.”  Here a some examples of things I have done when I altered my thinking to “WE.”  Click>>>HERE



  1. seeker says:

    Safe Journey, my friend.

  2. It was good seeing you in Chiang Rai Jim. You do look fit and ready. I have every confidence that you will succeed. I just wish you would carry something in case of emergency, like a phone.

    Cheers and be careful, Stephan

  3. shanni says:

    Hi jim thanks for mentioning us we are all very greatful for the oppotunity to help you with this epic challenge. I will also be holding coffee mornings and other events in sussex to raise more funds every little helps so anyone in the sussex area keep an eye out for info in the county times. Also I have some art and tshirts that will be on ebay every penny raised will be added to your total I will send you the link once they are online. Good luck anything else we can do to help just email me. We are right behind you!!!!!!

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