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Twas a few nights before Christmas and yet…another Camino miracle appeared! It began at “The Little Fox House,” before dinner, when we shared our “What made You Smile Today,” comments around the table. I said that I was filled with gratitude from my little stroll I took along the river and it gave me hope for a life long dream to come true. My dream….to meet and talk to my son, who I have never knew because of some wrong choices I had made in my past.

All of a sudden a little angel appeared, we will call her Tracy, she said stop! Let us all send out some healing energy out to solve this challenge. We did and continued with our ‘What made You Smile Today, statements around the table.

Two hours later as I lay in bed reading some emails, I get a message from my son, (who I have never talked to in my life,) saying…We need to talk, the past is gone, I want to be your friend!

In the morning I shared the news with my Pilgrim angles, there were hugs and tears of joy!

Tonight, December, 13th , I meet my son and his wife with two beautiful grand children! Another, Camino miracle! He hugged me, kissed me, and called me dad! He is 38 years old.

criss a



  1. seeker says:

    Jim, I am so happy that this miracle is happening to you. Angels are real and they heard the message. Blessings to you, your son and your grandchildren. The best christmas gift ever. Merry Christmas, Jim.
    Love and Prayers. Perpetua.

  2. seeker says:

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. What an amazing event – so happy you got to reunite with your son and his family and acquired two instant grand-children. Joy, joy, joy….

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