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Today; I am unable to walk!



Wheelchair & walker my new transportation?

Wheelchair & walker my new transportation?

Yes, it’s ironic that I just walked every inch of over 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago from France to Spain and for the past five weeks, I have been in the hospital looking at ceilings still not able to walk on my own! To add to my back problem, I had a stroke last week in the hospital.

As the doctor sat on the side of my bed, he said, “Your life will never be the same…you just had a life-changing event with the stroke you had!” The blood clot landed on the left side of my brain, which caused my vision problem and might be the reason for my dizzy spells. He said this is permanent damage and will never get better!

I thought this was all good news….life changing and never be the same. I do love change and the challenge of overcoming fear. However, this is one test I did not expect.

Walking the Camino was the greatest experience in my life with so many lessons learned. So which lesson can I use to get

YES....they said I still have a brain?

YES….they said I still have a brain?

through this “Not being able to walk challenge?” Is it, accepting this.… or is it, proving the Doctors wrong? There were days during my 56-day journey when I just could not walk anymore and had to give up. However, that was for the day; not for making it to the end. I always had the vision of  taking my final step. My Camino lesson for this challenge is having a mental picture of the way I want things to be, not the way they are!

Today, as I lay on my back in a nursing home that has physical therapy, I have a vision of me, taking my first step without any assistance or medication. I know this will come true ,because of you all, I have gotten over a thousand messages with prayers and healing thoughts from around the world. I am truly grateful for all your support.  
Getting here (Peoria Illinois) was not worry-free; I had a lot of help from my friends in Thailand and America. The flight was not an easy one from Thailand; it was about 28 hours with a four-hour layover. I only had to vomit two times and had to wear a diaper and did not have to use it. I made it all the way to the Peru hospital.   That is 32 hours without having to pee; I think I should get an award for that? lol

I am truly thankful for all that pitched in on my medical expenses and my brother Bob, who paid for my flight back to the US. Plus a huge hug to the people at Lanna Care, Nancy, Ann and Francis, who walked me through every step that I had to take to make everything come together, I could have never done this without them.  LOVE YOU ALL….Jim

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  1. Manon says:

    You are a very brave and courageous man…. heal soon.

  2. Rebecca Llenas says:

    Your camino was at such an opportune time. It gave you strength not just of body but of soul and perseverance! That lesson will stay with you as you gather strength to go through another life changing hurdle. Your frame of mind alone is amazing! You will walk again because of who you are and the belief you have that you will. Keep it up!

    • Thanks Rebecca, you are so right, the body & soul…..LESSON…from the Camino never leaves you, I am using it today, I had two feet on the floor….with assistance. I am forced to slow down…to move ahead… just like my walk and only then I saw the beauty all around me. It’s working!

  3. Meta says:

    Bless you Jim for being so courageous and optimistic. You will walk again. Your attitude is half the battle. Visualize yourself walking again. You will do it.

  4. Richard says:

    Dear Wonderfully Crazy and Indomitable Jim: doctors prognoses are based on probability and previous experience – but they’ve never met anybody like you before! You’ve got more good will and strong willpower than anybody I know – keep your spirits up, and do whatever it takes to get better. We’re all pulling for ya!

  5. Jimmy, we’re all pulling for you here in Thailand. Everybody going to temple and asking Buddha for help as well. All say you’ll be back for Song Tran maybe not this year but next year for sure. Hang in there! You’ve been thru worse! Nothing can stop my brother! Bob

  6. seeker says:

    Oh Jim, I have not words of comfort but my prayers that the Lord God will grant you to be able to walk again. Love and Prayers, Perpetua.

  7. Robert Cusick says:

    Brother, They broke the mold with you. You’re a rare one, that’s for sure. Seems there’s nothing but courage and goodwill flowing through you and right back to you from so many people who have been touched by your generous and appreciative heart. Don’t know for sure but imagine if you were to ask your docs they’d agree that your attitude and mind state is as important a form of therapy, as anything they can offer or provide to you.

    This morning, as I was meditating, you popped into my mind. I suppose that’s not so unusual given the circumstances but it prompted me to begin a formal metta practice for you. So, I began to visual image of you, in my mind, while repeating these phrases on your behalf…

    “May you be happy and well
    May your mind be settled and clear
    May you live in peace and contentment, and
    Abide in loving kindness…”

    The longer I continued to repeat these words and hold this wish for you, the more my heart soared. Feel them flowing into you, old friend. Change “you” to “I” and soar with me. In someways you’re already walking again, Jim.

    All good wishes and much love brother, -Robert

    • Robert, what beautiful words and energy you have sent me….and I do feel it. “I,” will walk again along with us-we, Their are some things I can’t do…..however their is nothing “WE,” can’t do! As I type this I am still in the hospital but “I,” / “we”, are almost walking!

  8. Sorry to hear of your health challenges, Jim. As you know yourself the invaluable lessons of the Camino have taught you to never give up. Even with a stroke, the brain can re-learn and re-grow neuro-pathways. You can start re-training your brain by visualizing that you will walk again and heal whatever damage has occurred. That in itself creates new neurons….Work with your physical therapist to manifest it….Best of luck to you.

    • Hi Beauty, yes you are correct my solution is to grow the neuro-pathways and the way to do that will come from my many lessons learned from my Camino journey….I love this life! I do have a good physical therapist who will guide me along. Thanks for your energy.

  9. hola jim. I met you in cancun on the beach 2 yrs. ago. You will be back on the beach walking again, It is just a matter of time. Your Friend, Dennis from San Diego.

  10. Best wishes on this new journey. Buen camino!

  11. This was a wonderful endeavor to undertake, thanks for sharing. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  12. seeker says:

    Hi Jim, How are you doing? Praying for your recovery. Love and Prayers, seeker.

  13. LFFL says:

    Wishing you all the best there, Jim!!

  14. Sending you a big cyber hug and wishes for a full recovery. It can happen. I’m a medical provider, Nurse Practitioner. I’ve seen it happen. Love,Paulette

  15. shariepatty says:

    What a surprise to read this post, Jim. I in no way anticipated this turn after just finding your blog on walking the El Camino. I am praying that no matter what your body does your mind, heart and spirit continue to dance gracefully and powerfully, right in step with all the lessons you’ve learned. May you continue to recognize, name and count your blessings today. Life is so much more adaptable than what we think. Thank you for sharing. Eager to hear from you again. Pray that you do not believe the dark doubt that pester us. Sending strength, courage, joy and humar to Peoria, Illinois.
    that is no small feat.

    • Yes I should get the bladder award…lol. I am so grateful for my experiences with my walk and what I went through afterwards. I am walking again. Still have a few challenges ahead, but everyone has a lesson. I am winning although like you said the dark doubt sneaks in. That’s temporary.

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