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Angel nurse Judy, myself, my sister Joy

Angel nurse Judy, myself, and my sister Joy

Welcome to all the newbies that have just joined this adventure. You can read some of the past post to see how I got to where I am today. Yep, I walked the 500 mile Camino de Santiago and today I cannot walk five feet. Then again….just wait till tomorrow!

My goals

•        To walk only with a cane by the end of the month!

•        To make my stroke…. Un-permanent and show the Doctors, they were incorrect…. Because they did not know what this Polish boy can do!

•        To make my vision, re-adjust, so I will not see double, (except when getting donations for our new orphanage,) Oh yes, I am still having fun with this life thing!

Can I be in pain and peace at the same time?….YES!

This really has not been easy; however, I still strive for new life lessons that can benefit me and others. Being in bed for the past six weeks has not been fun, but I still look for something that can make a difference in a life!

My 500-mile walk was filled with lessons about life and death!


As I am typing this, my roommate took his final breath, it’s 6:21 p.m. on Saturday, April 5th and yes there is a Camino lesson here! The room is filled with family and friends, and a cloth curtain separates me from the very somber moment. It was interesting to hear and not see the final words from all his loved ones.


I am in a rest home where I do my physical therapy; I think I am the youngest one here. My room has two beds; he came in the room three days ago. The hospice nurse asked me if I wanted to move to a different room, I said no, thinking I may be able to assist him or his family. After saying that I was OK staying in the room, I started questioning myself, why put myself through this additional challenge when I could hardly handle all my own problems? That is when my Camino experience clicked in.


The most important lesson I learned on my 500-mile journey was the answer to the question “Why are we here?” My discovery…. Face your fears and help another who still suffers by sharing your life experience! And…so I did, and the rewards of life came in the form of total peace!

For me even with my (temporary) challenges, the circle of life revolves around enjoying the moment and makes the past and the future only places we visit!

By the way, my next challenge is our new orphanage for children and adults with a natural healing health center. Check it out here… “OUR HOME THAILAND,”

Farah, who I met several years ago in Thailand when we were both volunteering at the same orphanage, she went on to start an orphanage in Kenya,  I call her, the Mother Teresa of the 21st century; she is now in Thailand helping to get things together for our new project, more on that coming soon.

We are raising money to pay for the property, if we are not successful, I will try one more challenge in my life to raise money for the orphanage and walk across Death Valley…. No one has ever done it before! Hey, it’s only 164 miles and 130 degrees. OK, first things first….Get me walking and my brain rewired so my sight is working again; I know, one step at a time…..lov Jim.



  1. Your spirit inspires me to know I can do my walk come June. I remember reading some of your posts when you were getting ready to leave for your walk, and am so sorry for the huge bump in the road you encountered. Wonderful to see you up walking, and smiling. Blessings to you for your continued recovery!

    • Thanks Wildflower, so many bumps, even more lessons! I started May 28, a beautiful time to go. As slow as I was I ended up in Santiago on St James day, it was a beautiful ending for my walk but the journey continues! Enjoy every moment!

  2. seeker says:

    Jim! Yes you CAN!. Your post previous to this I thought the worst. So glad to see you standing up young man! Love and Prayers.

  3. seeker says:

    Reblogged this on The Seeker and commented:
    I have been following Jim ever since he walked the 500 mile Camino de Santiago. When he finished, it was my turn. Jim has the utmost tenacity of survival and gift of giving and helping. After the walk JIm had an accident and can barely walk. Now he is here to show us that he CAN. With my prayers and all the Angels watching over Jim, yes he can walk.

  4. kanzensakura says:

    and with the prayers of people like me! God bless.

  5. Danny says:

    Hi Jim

    I’m sorry to hear about your current condition. One of several memories from my Camino trip that I remember clearly, was meeting you in Muxia in August ’14. We talked only for a little while (just outside the Bela Muxia albergue), I think it was about life, people at the Camino, people in Muxia, expectations and experiences. Probably the first thing I noticed about you was the incredible calmness and strength in your presence. By reading the last couple of your blog posts it fortunately looks like you still have the mental state of freedom and peace closely wired with an inner strength. I hope that it can and will lead to an outer strength so that you can walk once again.

    Best wishes from Denmark,


    • Danny says:

      Edit: (of course) not August ’14, but August 2013 : )

    • Thank you so much for your support, and YES….I do remember you Danny! It’s funny how you can spend a few minuets with someone on the Camino and remember it for a lifetime. I know what you mean and it’s un-explainable, like many things on the Camino. I am typing this from my bed but am filled with hope that I will be walking and my vision will come back to normal. Keep enjoying the moment…..Jim

  6. anniesway says:

    You are a Legend.. along with your mate JIm and I am looking forward to having Sunday Morning Coffee with both of you.

    I cannot help but think that maybe the Camino was there to prepare you for these moments…>>> Anne

    • Ann, every day I am closer to agree with you. Just as the Camino, in the beginning it was more of a physical challenge, and then it was mental. However, every step I took was a learning experience, and I did learn how to improvise and look for new options no matter what was ahead of me. When I changed the word from me to “WE,” I learned how to be at peace, and it made no difference what my next step would bring! Yes Ann, the Camino did prepare me for this.

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