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Walking the Camino changes your stride in life….even if you can’t walk!



Even though I'm not walking, I am coming out of my shell !

Even though I’m not walking, I am coming out of my shell !

I am always asked…“How do you stay positive all the time?” Well, I don’t! However, what I do first is recognize my thinking does not make me feel good! So, I only visit that “No fun Place,” my next step….find something to be grateful for. That’s not so easy to do when you are lying in bed thinking about not walking for the past eight weeks and having a problem with my vision and balance, my solution…

This week was…. “GO ON AN EASTER EGG HUNT! 

I am getting my physical therapy at this nursing home, and I think; I am the youngest person here. So I remembered one of my lessons from my 500-mile Camino de Santiago walk…. Join in with the crowd and love the one you’re with, even if they are old and can’t move at all and some unable to speak. These advanced in years people, have a sense of beauty that most people never see. They also have, like all of us, the desire to be loved; sometimes just a touch is all they need.

For this party, the nursing home added about 20 children, and that brightened the day which no doubt, brought back memories from their past. This moment filled me with being totally grateful for what I have, plus what they have. I decided to try an experiment and look at just the eyes of everyone attending this Easter egg hunt.
I looked into their eyes only, not the body or age of the person, and guess what, all I could see and feel was the joy in everyone, including the kids, nurses, volunteers and parents. This is what makes me happy, so I will pass this “Happy,” on and wish you all a joyful Easter.

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If you see an older person, throw them a smile or even a hug, it will cause a change in their and your life.


This video, I made of the Easter Egg Hunt will bring a smile to your face and heart. So pass, that smile on and remember to love the one you’re with, including your dog, cat and even a tree. This weekend is all about re-birth so let’s all start a new outlook on life, even if we are down, for just a moment, search for that one thing that can make you grateful, it’s all about living in the moment where the past and future are not allowed! Lov… Jim

Click HERE to watch!

Click HERE to watch!

Note, in the video as I’m driving my wheel chair (it made a great camera dolly) it shows how I got in trouble when I ran into an “older,” lady!….. just click



  1. David says:

    Thanks, Jim, I truly enjoyed this.

  2. Kelli ---- CNA says:

    Thanks for sharing and making this Jim ! Your positive spirit has been wonderful to have around at WCV!

  3. Robert Chiang Rai Meeting says:

    Thanks for the reminder.

  4. FRANK says:

    jim got prob with my leg as you know had to have wheel chair from Bangkok to Dublin had mri scan done when I got home seeing specialist on Wednesday 30th april had to come home from Thailand early ya take good care of me from chiang mai to airport and organised everything at airport.i dunno yet whats wrong can now walk a little bit but can sit and drive without pain anyhow im at home so I get lifted by being at home you in nursing home make me feel that little bit better off they think it maybe trapped nerve but wont know prob until I see specialist im getting plenty of meetings say hi to your higher power for me.

  5. […] More exciting stories about me walking the historic Camino, just click…. […]

  6. anniesway says:

    Awesome JIm… you made a lot of Ladies smile that day 🙂

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