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I have a new walking partner, and he is not even going with me!


 I have a new teacher! I guess I will be a student; Forever?

Chan Seng

Chan Seng

Chan Seng is an amazing person; he will become a Buddhist Monk in a few months. How we meet was interesting; I took my brother Bob and his daughter Debbie (my niece) to get a two-hour massage (cost $7) at a Buddhist Temple. By the way, they said it was the best they have ever had… in their lives!

This is where it gets interesting, as I was about to leave I thought I would take a walk into this new Temple.

In the doorway was this young man reading a book. As I entered the Temple, he greeted me in English,

which is unusual for most Buddhist Monks, not the welcome but to know the English language.

nov 11


Bob, Chan & Debbie

Bob, Chan & Debbie


Click HERE to see a

short video message

from me to you!

In one way I felt uncomfortable, until he spoke; then a feeling came over me which I cannot explain! How do you write about a feeling? I guess compassion, is the best word to explain it. He listened to my words with complete attention. I had questions; he answered with stories on ways he has found to improve his life. He said, “Enlightenment is; what life has to offer. “He never using the words “YOU SHOULD.”

I label Chan as a person with no ego, If you believe in reincarnation, he could be the new, Buddha? He speaks several languages and is well versed on all that is going on in the world. He has been studying Buddhism for years and will become an official monk soon; you must be 21 years old to take this vow.

One thing about this Buddhist culture is they do not try to convert you. They respect everyone and every belief you may have… any religion even the “non” believer! Their principal lesson is “COMPASSION” for every living thing on Earth, including trees, plants, animals and of course people.

                                        WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH MY WALK? EVERYTHING! 

Remember, we are taking this walk together, even if you never leave your computer, I am taking you along! Our mission is to save “ONE” child’s life in Kenya! Many people around the world need help, but we will do this one at a time. At this point, we only have seven children at the orphanage at “OUR HOME KENYA” but many more to come! What the kids need is “LOVE” first. Of course, money helps, to fill the needs of food, clean water and making sure they get a good education. Then it will be their turn to pass it on. We “WILL” make this work!

So if you would like to volunteer in Kenya for a few weeks; you’re needed, if you can pitch in five bucks, it’s needed, if you can’t afford any money; you’re needed! Even with some on-line work a few hours a week would help!

My 484-mile walk will be easy, compared to what these children face. My controversial walk with “NO” money or food has stirred up many people. However, you know what? It has given us a new group of people who wants to change things throughout the world! Some are calling it a publicity stunt, and I guess they are right but its working! Yes, I know I will be hungry, but I think that pain will disappear knowing we will be saving a child’s life with every step we take!


Maureen, now a part of YOUR life!

Maureen, now a part of YOUR life!

Meet Maureen…she wants to be a Doctor… when she grows up! 

Hi, my name is Maureen (click to read more about Maureen), and I grew up in a tiny village among the mountains of Kenya. My family is very poor and, sadly, they were unable to look after me. I still have my mummy, but she is very sick and often doesn’t know what she is doing, because of this, I do not know my daddy. I was very happy when I was given the chance to move to Nakuru and live in a new home. My Brother, Alex, and I are very happy to be here. “OUR HOME KENYA”




Our kids…”YOUR” kids! 



         Farah  & Billy and all the volunteers are doing the impossible!                 Billy


A big thanks to all of you who have joined the “BIG HEARTS GANG” We will be accepting your donation soon on our secure website!



I just had to try it! To swim underwater for 50 meters...click here to watch my attempt?


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  1. Jerry Nelson says:

    I love how your story has evolved from I will walk to we will walk!

  2. brianharring says:

    Hey Jim, Always enjoy reading your updates.

  3. dearrosie says:

    Do you know what inspired this young monk to learn to speak several languages?
    A two hour massage that costs $7? good gracious!

    • MORE! He is always looking for more enlightenment in his life by helping others. So easy to say, but…….
      He is now my teacher, still so much to learn! I call the two hour massage my “walk on water” massage because when it’s over, I think I can!

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