YES, I am in search of…what?


Hi Guys, yes, I have more “things” to add to my life’s adventure. Today’s message will be about several subjects. Of course, my 484-mile walk, my exercise program and a brand-new challenge helping my friend Farah, start a new orphanage for the slum families in Kenya. Oh, one more thing, my International radio show.

One lesson I have learned is not to take on too much, to keep in balance. So I have learned how to say no and not feel guilty, a huge  accomplishment in my life. I now choose to do a little of everything and not too much of anything and that include sometimes doing nothing. It is working; I am happier than I have ever been!

First, my walk has turned into an International story. Not because I am doing the walk, but because I am doing it with “no money.” I have been highly criticized for doing this. Yes, I do have the money to pay for food and housing along the way, but I have decided to do this with zero dollars in my pocket. I know there will be a lesson here!

Please do not make me into any hero or put me on a pedestal. I am just a regular person trying to improve my life daily. I hope the lessons I will learn can benefit others, which is my goal. So you do not have to take this walk or live in Thailand to learn from my experience. Isn’t that what life is all about? Enlightenment from others so you do not have to make the same mistakes that they have made? I know that is how I got to where I am today. Learning from the things I did wrong and how other people worked through their challenges in life.

I get a lot of emails every day from people asking me about Thailand, volunteering or about my Camino walk. I spend 2-3 hours a day responding to these emails, and I enjoy that. However, recently I received several messages from two of my friends, Michael Roach and Richard Austin suggesting that I add something to my walking adventure. They said something to affect that I am doing this walk to improve my already happy life and why not let it be a benefit to others who is a part of the un-fortunate.

 So a fresh idea was born! My heart is dedicated to my friend Farah, who is starting this new orphanage and in need of everything. She is attempting the impossible and is doing it! So why not have people donate an x amount of money for each mile I walk? With 100% of the proceeds go to her to help the people of Kenya, who have no chance at life!


The plan is this; I will set up a separate web site just for this with a secure way to make a donation, an example if you  want to contribute one penny per mile, when I walk the 484-miles the maximum you will have to pay will be $4.84- 10 cents $48.40, a dollar would be $484, which includes a hug and a kiss from me! Now, the kicker, if I do not make it, you owe nothing! Nevertheless, for you that know me, you know I will make the entire 484-miles even if I have to crawl to the end! We have time since I do not take my first step until June 1st 2013. You may even be able to get your church of civic club or school involved? Remember you are already a part of this journey, even if you do not donate. So add  a  little  more excitement to this adventure and be willing to cough up at least $4.84. I know you may have to skip a visit to Starbucks but I promise your penny will cause a change! So if you’re interested in getting in on this “Helping another” project with a donation. Send me an email and say “yes I will help”  jimideaman@netzero.net and I will start another list called “KIND HEARTS”

I still do not know how long this walk will take me, but you will not have to pay until I finish. I will be 68 when I start and will finish before I turn 80…just kidding! Realistically, I am looking at 30-60 days. I will be giving updates during my walk wherever I can find a free internet service. I will share with you everything that is going on with me, the good, bad and ugly. Please do not forget you are a part of this, and I need your energy to complete this walk.

Now about my involvement with my new endeavor in Kenya, where all donations will go. There will be more information on this coming soon.
One reason I want to be involved, and that is Farah! Have you ever met a person that immediately felt a connection to their heart? She is one of the few in the world that you want to follow. She calls me Grandpa, and we share many of the same values about life.

I meet Farah at the orphanage I was volunteering with. See was sent into Kenya to help an orphanage that needed a lot of problems solved, and she did the impossible. However, she ran into so differences of opinion on the way it was being run and decided to start her own program with was the biggest challenge in her life!
In the slums of Kenya which is one of the most difficult countries in the world to deal with. People told her, it cannot be done, and of course that all she needed to hear to try to make it happen. So the birth of “OUR HOME” became a reality.
Farah would have no problem getting a job anywhere in world holding three degrees two of them Masters; she also speaks four languages. However, she now has dedicated her life to helping others. There is no doubt in my mind; she someday will be joining the ranks of a Gandhi, Mandela and Mother Teresa. Yes, this will take time, but she is doing it one child-family at a time.

On to my final message, my “Radio Show” it’s a go! It will be an international talk radio program on the internet. Talk about big harts and being in the right place. Brad Codd who owns InfoQuick and produces these shows out of California is bending over backwards to help me to  make this happen. I was having difficulty doing this from Thailand, but he would also not give up because of his belief in the principle behind the program. He feels as I do that the gifts from volunteering can change this world we live in. The program will consists of 24 speakers from around the world who will be talking about volunteering and nonprofit organizations. It will be called “Volunteers Changing Lives,”…Living from the Heart! It will be coming soon to a computer near you!

My exercise program! Believe it or not I have achieved every goal I set out to do 5 months ago, my swimming, the pedal machine monster and the thread mill. So now I go every day and just work on my maintenance program, to stay in shape. The only thing in the back of my mind is…can I break my record of holding my breath under water which is 3 minutes 7 seconds? Can I do 4 minutes?   I know this won’t help me at all on my walk. Unless I fall into a lake with my backpack on!

Well, that is it for this week and try to stay happy. I know I will be taking my walk one step at a time; I wonder how many steps there are in 484-miles? Love, Jim

Here are a few videos I made. Just click the link to watch.

Gary’s visit to Chiang Rai, Thailand. A funny walking tour! 

A video I made in tribute to 9-11  For the people in the world who still suffer!

My solutition…a video from Dr. Wayne Dyer  BLAME 



  1. Greg says:

    Thanks Jim! Looking forward to your walk and talk.

  2. Jim Kaszynski says:

    Yes Greg, I’m sure I will have plenty to talk about when I finish. “Not knowing” is part of the fun of this!

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