Is this walk named after me?

Hi Guys, what a week! This blog is supposed to be about my little 484-mile skip a long journey? However, I still have a lot of other things going on in my life here in Thailand, and I love it! I am keeping my commitment to myself to do a little of everything and not too much of anything? I know that’s easier said than done!

I am still doing my swimming almost every day. I always try to do a little more than I did the day before. Yesterday I broke my “hold your breath underwater” record by 30 seconds, three minutes and six seconds. Yes, someone did video it.

I think my swimming helps with my mental conditioning. However, I don’t think it will help me at all with my walking 16 miles a day?

OK you all know I’m a slow learner (all the nuns from grade school would agree) so how did I figure this all out! Last week before my swim I discovered the thread mill, walking machine. It was hidden in the corner next to the pool like it didn’t want me to find it!

First thought was this is great; I will walk a few miles every day then jump in the pool to cool off. WRONG! This machine hates me! Like some of the nuns in school who would hit my hands with a ruler because I wasn’t sitting up straight.

I guess you might call this a love-hate relationship. So every day I hop on this thing and say, “How are you today,” never a response? It has a meter on it telling you how far you have gone. Now after a week of pure tortures, I looked at the meter today, and it said I made it one mile, and I could swear I could hear it laughing at me!
One thing I have on my side is time! I will continue to try to make this monster; no I had better come up with a kinder name, “my friend.”

I know I can finish this walk. However, how long it will take, is the question? I will be 68 when I start, don’t want any 7s in my age when I finish! Of course, a wheelchair will be out of the question? Hmm….maybe not!

I have been getting some well-intended advice from around the world. On what I should and should not take with me. This has become very overwhelming to me. I even read where you should take a needle and thread so you can sew up your blisters. So I decided I will just take what I take, and try to keep my carrying weight to 20 pounds and take it “One Day at a Time.” Start walking early and stop when I get tired.

I will just see where my life takes me and “enjoy the moment.” I know most of the time I will be walking alone, and I have no problem with that. I also know I will be making many new friends on “The Way.”

Below are some statements from people whom have made this walk, very interesting. I wonder what my testimony will be when I finish?

Thanks to all of you for your support and even the ones who have been critical of me doing this with no money! Love & Stuff…Jim

This is a response; I gave to an email to an adventurous Mother – Son team that is going to take the same walk. He gave me some good advice! I never thought about carrying the water and how that will add to my weight? I can do without food but water I can’t.
Hi Taylor, what an exciting adventure you are about to take. Please continue with your suggestions. The real story here is not what you’re bringing along? It is your taking this trip with your mother after you graduate from college.

Yes, you’re right on planning what to take and what not to take is important. I am sure we will bring too much of this and not enough of that! One suggestion is you keep a journal (start now, just a paragraph or so) this is even more important than photographs. It lets you reach into the Heart-Head part of your experience. I promise in years to come this will become very rewarding to you!
OK back to your suggestion on what to bring. I don’t have it figured out yet. However, I’m working backwards. They say, don’t carry more than 10% of your body weight? I weight about 185, so I am looking at carrying a max of 20 pounds.
I thought about the hammock, tried that in Mexico, last year didn’t work at 67 had too many problems with my back. So back to the weight challenge, 6 lbs.’ tent 3 lbs.’ sleeping bag 5 lbs.’ backpack, my laptop. Oh, oh, I’m already in trouble. Maybe I could put wheels on my backpack and pull it? lol… you know what; I think I just won’t worry about it. I got the feeling; I won’t be able to make the 484 miles in 30 days? Even so, I do know I can complete the walk! Let’s see I will be 68 when I start, so I know I can finish by the time I turn 80. I am having so much fun with this “life thing” I look at every day as a gift. You know one thing I didn’t think of is carrying the weight of the water, thanks. Hope to meet you on “THE WAY.” Did your mother get my email? Jim

  1. Did your Camino fail or exceed your expectations?


Did your Camino fail or exceed your expectations? | Camino de Santiago


The question was: Did your Camino fail to meet your expectations? If so why? The good, the bad, the ugly. Or…Did your Camino exceed your expectations?

Harry Reddick It exceeded by far. It changed my life.

  • Michelle Lewis Brooks I went with no expectations other than to be off the grid for a while… Turned out to be life-changing.
  • Bill Walker Almost everyone I know has come away from the experience flush. That´s why the Camino has such a great future. The albergues have been packed despite the Spanish economy in a dangerous freefall. www.thebestwaycamino.com

Diane Pawlak exceed plus some….. amazing experience…one I will experience again before I get to old to walk

Erna Van Zyl More than exceed…….I’m a new person!! I can do anything now…….. Amazing! I wanna go back!!

  • Jacqui Schebella surmounted, surpassed and transcended……….I want to return to that simplicity and freedom….

Helen Lee Robertson Yes, yes, yes. Ditto for me with all the comments above. Walking the Camino far exceeded what I dreamed would happen. I want to go back as well! But I now do have expectations. Can returning peregrinos/peregrinas still experience transformation?

Maurice de Vos I have to go back….soon.

Edward Intven Never thought I could do this and threw myself on to the Camino without expectations. The Camino did provide in so many ways that it changed my view on believing in fellow folk. Pilgrims make the Camino. Yes it far exceeded my expectations…

Gretta Bowman the 7th most amazing experience of my life – following the birth of my 6 children as other monumental life events – i had expectations – but not specific – what a gift!!

Eamon Cowman I pitched up in SJPDP totally expectation-free and what I got was totally awe-inspiring. loved every second of it

Ruth Olineck Far exceeded our expectations. The Camino continues to slip into our thoughts daily. We plan on doing another route in the next year .

José Alcaide Cifuentes Amazing experience!. It’s one of things changes your life. Buen camino!.


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