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                                     “THE JOURNEY IS THE DESTINATION!”

As most of you know my life has drastically changed in the past few years. I am happier than I have ever been! It is really not all about “ME.” It is about the lessons I learned from others in Mexico and now Thailand. My goal is to “PASS IT ON” as they did to me, such as the six-year-old from the orphanage who taught me the true meaning of “COMPASSION.” Read my compassion story here.

My amigo Santiago from Cancun told me “Jim, your life will get better…I promise.” I said, “I cannot see how things can improve any more than what I now have.” I was wrong!… they did and are!

My experience in Thailand has been unbelievable. However, there is more to come. The Camino walk will I hope to add to my always changing life experience.   The excitement for my trip is growing every day. The planning is part of the fun of this.

Part of my “Rocky” Balboa exercise program. Swimming is helping, but I must get my leg strength in better condition!

I have two engineers (well that is what I call them) helping me with my backpack. My brother Bob and my friend Leo, are designing  me a  backpack with wheels. With all my research, there is no such thing in the world! They have plenty of suitcases and small backpacks with wheels but nothing big enough to carry all my belongings. So they are carefully designing me something lightweight and still strong satisfactorily to make the 484-miles. Who knows this may turn into the next world’s greatest invention? Move over Mr. Edison!

At the moment, I have the group that has been following me for the past three years started with five people and have at present grown to over 1,000. After my weekly blog last week I received several emails from people who want nothing to do with me, they disowned me! So I had to delete them. Oh, rejection; years ago that would keep me awake at night. Now it annoys me a little but for only a minute or two, then it’s gone. One lesson I learned in the past few years. Everyone has the right to be incorrect with the possibility; I am wrong and their right, so simple but does keep my stress level very low.

However, the people who don’t want anything to do with me, I think are not because I am taking the walk, but because I am doing it with “NO MONEY.” They see this as pure insanity and as one email I got from a lady who said, “She could no longer put herself through the pain of watching me suffer.”


Hey guys,” I will be just fine,” no need to worry! Sure there may be days that I may be hungry, but I will make it to the end. People have taken this pilgrimage thousands of years ago with no food, and they made it. Remember the big question, here is “Do I have the humility to ask another for food?” The larger lesson will follow! Love you all (even the ones who disagree with me) Jim.



  1. Nancy Burress says:


  2. faye52 says:

    Hi Jim, you will not only finish this journey, but you will have done it with dignity and respect. You are an awesome human being and I am proud to call you my friend. Good luck with everything you do in life!

  3. You are way too kind! However, it really is not about me. It is about the lessons I have learned from others and what I am about to learn. Then; the important part “PASS IT ON!”

  4. Soledad says:

    I wish to take this long walk. Your story has inspired me 🙂 God bless you!

    Thank you,

  5. I wish you the best of luck in doing this with no money….a couple of things. One, albergues, even the donativo ones, all need money to operate. If you plan to sleep in them, I hope you can find someone to help you pay your way otherwise they will not let you in. Even the pobrecitos have to have a pilgrim credential and put some coins in the box. Two, I came across a German pilgrim the other day begging for money outside a grocery store. I didn’t give him money. Why? Because there are a lot of people trying to do the Camino on someone elses coin. I know that is not your intention, but it might be a good idea to have some kind of sign or t-shirt explaining what you are doing. There are lots of people who do fundraiser walks on the Camino, so you won’t be doing anything new…I wish you luck! Oh, and I don’t know how much stuff you are planning to carry but there are already one-wheeled carts for doing what you described earlier…or you could also arrange to store some of your things in Madrid or elsewhere until after your walk so you can focus on just taking what you need….just a few thoughts…do with it what you want.

  6. Be MAS says:

    Jim avec qui on a parlé un moment sous la pluie , quelque part en Espagne vers Torrès del Rio , le Samedi 08 juin 2013 . Merci Jim pour tes photos .

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