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Meet Volunteer; Scott Hensley, PR Director



My friend Scott Hensley has offered to help with our campaign. A volunteer like this is what it’s all about. He has helped me on several other projects and has his heart in the right place. He will be taking care of any questions and giving updates during my walk. Thanks Scott

Scott, is currently looking for a position as a Digital Marketing Analyst/Strategist so if you can help, let Scott know; his resume is quite impressive.

Hello, my name is Scott Hensley, and I came from St. Louis, Missouri, where I graduated from Saint Louis University and studied marketing and communications.  I moved to Chicago after college in 2001 and have worked in a variety of marketing and sales roles in the last ten years in industries such as b2b publishing, industrial safety manufacturing, and eco-friendly, consumer packaging.

In my most-recent role, I was a Digital Marketing Analyst at Imagination Publishing where I managed the digital marketing analytics for various national retail clients.  The reporting process involved putting together weekly, bi-weekly and monthly reports that were delivered to account teams, and presented to clients.  The reports included insights and recommendations on PPC spend; social media advertising spend, web metrics, and social media and website content performance.

I have developed integrated Internet marketing communications plans in full detail with field guides, detailed content calendars and SEO reporting tools.  I am highly focused on reviewing THE RIGHT actionable SEO metrics to ensure websites are improving their search engine rankings, building better online branding and delivering measurable results.

I am extremely passionate about getting involved in community projects, helping nonprofits and donating as much of my time as I can to good causes.  My other interests are my hometown St. Louis Cardinals and playing traditional country, rockabilly, bluegrass, jazz and ska guitar.

Currently, I am looking for a position as a Digital Marketing Analyst/Strategist where I can use my three years of digital marketing experience to analyze campaigns, social media efforts, content and other digital marketing activities to put together insights and recommendations.  The main goal would be to help increase website traffic, help build on-line brands, grow on-line audiences, and ultimately help companies gain new leads and customers.          scottmhensley@gmail.com


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