Yes, he had a typo, only 20 years off!

YES…I promise I will take care of my feet!

However, it sure made me feel good. It’s amazing that I am in such excellent health for 67. I definitely abused my body over the years. The only thing I proved is being in “GOOD CONDITION?” That it has nothing to do with diet! Oh, I know you health-food people will cringe when I say that! I like ice cream and cake for breakfast and greasy food for dinner and love it! If some day my Doctor says, “You must quit eating this or that. I will re-evaluate my diet. However, for the moment, I will continue with my “SINS” of you should not eat that stuff.

“Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.” -James Stephens

Now on my walk I may be forced to eat these healthy things. Since I will be begging for food and probably will not have the option of cake and ice cream. So I may have to eat apples and oranges (I wonder what they taste like?) Oh well…I guess I will find out?

My “carefully” designed backpack!

My backpack problem is no longer a problem? The two scientists who have designed this device (my brother Bob and friend Leo) have completed this important project. Yes, a backpack with wheels, a first in this huge-little world we live in. They are sticking with their original motto, “This will last longer than you will?”

My friend Tom from Canada suggested since I now have wheels maybe I should put a motor on it? How about a solar-powered motor and I could carry a solar panel umbrella to power it? NO…that would be cheating, I will just stick with the backpack!

My exercise program is coming right along, still swimming every day and trying to change my “Love-Hate” relationship with the electric walking machine. Well, it’s really a pedal thing! My thought is I have to strengthen my calf muscles.

Now I have a new trainer, this 250-pound guy from Ireland. After his 6th beer and his 30-second workout as he was grasping for breath said, “I’m on the right track for my 484-mile stroll.
Remember when I started I could only do four minutes, and now I am up to 20  21 minutes; my goal is 30. Then I will start on the treadmill. That is if I do not “Die before I Wake!” Sure glad I did not put a time limit on my walk. I would like to do it in 30 days. However, if it takes longer that is OK. I do have the one goal on my duration. I will be 68 when I start and must finish before I turn 80!

Everything else is going well here in Thailand. I am keeping busy with many different projects but still not over doing it; I am at the same time living to “enjoy the moment.” Love you, guys Jim



  1. Peter says:

    Way to go Jim your an inspiration !!!

  2. Lorraine Glover says:

    Loving the updates Jim. keep on with the training. hope everything is well in Thailand.
    Lorraine xxx

  3. Jamie Dedes says:

    It’s sound rather like a Buddha path. I will enjoy your adventures vicariously.

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