SENSE OF HUMOR: How do you honestly know if you’re really happy? I think it’s how many times did you smile today, not just a face smile but a heart smile. You can feel the difference when someone smiles at you…right? Living in Thailand, (which I call the land of many smiles,) I feel this every day. Now to test this click HERE to watch a short un-planned video I made, and I bet it will make your heart smile!


OK Guys, just to clarify something; I am doing this walk with no money not because I don’t have the money, but because I am trying to attack one of the biggest fears I have, which is “Asking for Help.” I have no problem helping another in need but when it comes to asking, “Would you help me” it is very difficult for me. I keep asking myself is there anything wrong with that? Don’t have the answer for that…yet! I know this is difficult for most to understand but hang in there with me! I am sure I will learn a lesson from this.

Humility is a word that I thought I understood. I know what it means, however, I don’t know if I feel it! Hopefully, this walk will answer my question?

OK on to other things in my life. The back project is coming right along with my brother Bob and friend Leo, who donated it to my adventure. Just in case it gets too heavy to carry they diligently have designed wheels, so I can pull it if need be. My brother asked me if “I was worried about them getting it right?” I said not at all! You are two competent, creative people who will come up with something that will last the 484-miles. However, he added they

Wheat helps people think?

needed a 6-pack of beer to get started and had to look through some more dumpster for the precise parts. Hmmm I did I hire the right engineers for this very important project? They did say; their next project was to build a shuttle to go to the moon, but that takes 2-six packs to get started on that one. Lol

Now; on to my “Get into shape” exercise program. Since I realized my five months of swimming training won’t help me at all! Yes, I can now hold my breath under water for over 3 minutes and swim 10 laps in the pool with no problem. This will not help me at all! Now I could swim the 484-miles with no problem, but walking is a new challenge. So I started using the walking machine every day. First day I could only do 4 minutes (don’t laugh). Well now I’m up to 11 minutes and it just about killed me, and I don’t want to die…at least until after the walk. Sure glad I haven’t lost my sense of humor. I am trying to add one minute a day until I get to 30 minutes.

Last week, I told you about my additional un-planned exercise venture. To bring live chickens to the kids at the orphanage, so they can raise them and learn about how care for the chicks and provide eggs to eat. We had an offer from the “New Life Foundation” to give us 12 chickens. So I hired a “Chicken Man” to help us gather the chickens to take to the center. He said, “I am an excellent chicken catcher, and no chicken is too fast for me!” When we got there, they were running all over the place. I ran to try to catch just one, but he wore me out. I thought 484-miles wouldn’t even be this hard! Well, we ended up with no chickens. They all ran into the woods, and even Mr. Expert couldn’t catch them.

After feeling very dejected knowing the kids at the orphanage were waiting for their new friends. I said someone has to have some chickens for sale, and I would buy them and then bring smiles to kid’s faces. So on the way back to the center we started to knock on doors and asking, “Do you have any chickens for sale?” One man said he had some, but he couldn’t catch them either. So we kept knocking, and sure enough we found someone who had one in a cage. I said, “How much is it?” He said 3,000 I said “excuse me.” After that he added that’s not Thai money that’s US Dollars. He then said, “He has never lost a fight” yes, a fighting chicken. I tried to explain through my interpreter, we just needed some chickens for the kids in the orphanage to raise. He said oh I understand! I have 100 chickens in the back yard. I said yes but can you catch them? He said to watch this and took a hand full of food, and they all came running. We picked out 5 of them, and I was a happy camper and so were the kids!


Lesson learned, “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.” I think I overdid my exercise program for the day!

Email I got from a friend of mine in Cancun. She also said “God provides food for the birds, I’m sure he will take care of you!”

Hello Jim,

This is a brief note just to say Hi, and give you “a pill of strength” so you can continue you walks, the walk of you and God alone. Nothing else but pure connection, nothing can go wrong, is just you and Him. Together as one, you in Him and He in you, in every single of your steps.

Nothing else matters, you know you are doing what you are meant to do. It is not just a simple walk, is more, way more because in it is the example, the lesson, the observation many of us need to gain a little bit more of experience through the strength of another human being. Mainly is the fact of “you” doing it. You taking the courage to do something you have no idea you can finish, or what is after few miles. If you try to discover what is “beyond the horizon,” the horizon of life, your life, You are been observe not just for the heck of it

From The Desk Of Eve.

                                                                                              Last minute stuff

Today I just finished my Hash Walk,  (no it’s not a drug). It is a social group that takes a 4-5 mile different walk every month  in the woods, for the fun of it! Below are some photos from today. This was my third walk, and that means I get an official “HASH” name. Most of the time the name is of a sexual nature. Well, they all knew about my 484-mile walk, and they came up with the name “LONG AND HARD.”  Could have many different meanings? I love this country! As you can see the kids had a mud fight in the rice fields. They also had a good time!

Taking a break!



  1. Greg says:

    Jim, thanks for sharing and whatever shoes you pick, I suggest wearing them on some of the hash walks before you take them out on the 484 mile walk. I understand some religions might think leather shoes are a luxury anyway, and some might think the only way to do the 484 miles is bare foot, but the bible doesn’t say anything about “Air Jordans”…very comfortable but beware of the “knock-offs” as sometimes the tread may debond from the shoe with a bit of heat and time.

    • I think I will have to stick with my MBTs they are made in Sweden, expensive but worth it. I will have to buy them in the US. I have been waring them for years, but they do help me with my back problem. The bible probably says I should do it barefoot, but I think I will not read that verse. lol

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