cant do b

I am about to take on the biggest challenge of my life! In a few days, I will be walking the historic “Camino de Santiago Compostela.” It will be 484-miles, and I will do it with no money or food, forcing me to ask others to feed me. My greatest life lesson has been “what I can’t do we can!” “WE” includes friends and a connection to my Higher Power!

I am only 68, and my life has been filled with adventure and tragedy; however, today, I can say, “I have learned from the things I did wrong!” I like being told, “It will never work.” Nevertheless, when I use the “WE” word, there is nothing I can’t do!

I won’t talk about some of my (lessons learned) failures.  

However, do want to share some of my success. Here are a few!

All of these were done for a charity or a cause I believed in; these ventures were successful because I used my favorite word “WE.”

“WE” were having a blood drive, so we needed “something more” to create awareness. So the first year I sat on a telephone pole in very cold weather to get attention…it worked!

The next year I was frozen into 10,000 pounds of ice, yes, it also worked. It broke the all-time record for the most blood donations in one day.

OK the insanity continues; the following year I was buried in 2-50-gallon oil drums 6 feet underground…success! I did this in my home town of La Salle-Peru, Illinois and in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In Sarasota, Florida, I entered a contest called a Handathon, which was you put your hand on a new truck, and the last one standing wins the truck. After 4 days (94 hours & 20 minutes) I won, I definitely had to use the “WE” processes to do this.  I represented a drug rehab center for kids and donated the truck to them.

Two years ago in Cancun, Mexico I took on a 3k open water swim from an island to Cancun. I made it, although, I was in last place. “WE” worked overtime on this one!

Last year here in Chiang Rai, Thailand I accomplished a childhood dream; come true. I always wanted to hold my breath underwater for 3 minutes, after a lot of training I did 3 minutes 7 seconds. It could have never done this by myself… “WE.”

A few weeks ago (on my 68th birthday) “WE” broke the underwater swimming record at Chiang Rai, University, swimming 50 meters on one breath. I had one year of failures before I succeeded, with this, I had a direct connection with my source to accomplish this!
cant do c

I have always been told. “YOU CAN’T DO THIS,” so please tell me “Jim you can’t walk the Camino without money or food!

Don’t know how this will turn out, and that’s why I must do it; to walk 484-miles to save “ONE” child’s life, easy decision! Love, Jim


Please help the kids in Kenya, click>>>> here to show your support!


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