“BALANCE”… is what we all want !

Hi Guys, Am I getting nervous about the walk…”YES.” Can I make the whole 484 miles? I know I can! However, how long it will take me? I don’t know! Nevertheless, I’m still OK with all that. Now the fear of doing the walk with no money, that’s a different story! The un-known of what could happen to me still scare me! On the other hand, that’s why I must do it!

Shinji’s photo during the walk

The “WALK ALONG GANG” is growing! Some are doing the whole 484-miles while others are going to do the last  100-miles. Last week on my monthly walking “Hash” I met my new friend Shinji. He did the Camino walk recently. He and his girlfriend only did the last 12 miles in a few days and said, “Everyone should do this it was a beautiful experience that I will never forget!”

So for you who are still thinking “I COULD NEVER DO THAT?” You may want to re-consider?  You can still become a part of this historic walk!

What an exciting week! First, my announcement to have the King of Thailand involved has run into some new challenges. He has become ill and is not doing any extra activities at this point.

His Majesty King Bhumbol Adulyadej

As part of my daily exercise program I have created a membership plan with a beautiful hotel a few blocks from where I live called “The  Legend.” I try every day to use the pool and the walking machine to get into shape for my walk. During my swim, I made a new friend Mike, who owns an orchard farm near Chiang Mia. He is the one who is trying to help me to get the Kings signature on my walking staff. This is not an easy task. However, he is doing his best to help.


I plan to do this walk as an American who lives in Thailand for the King of Thailand. My thought is to share the “LIFE” lessons I have learned from the people in Thailand with others I meet along “The Way.”

Originally, my thought was to walk with a cane, hopefully signed by the King of Thailand. I was told this is impossible he doesn’t do things like that! Of course that’s all I needed to hear to try to get this done. Whether this happens, it won’t change anything I do on my walk.

The cane I will be doing this walk with is turning into a story in itself. I was going to buy a fancy handmade cane; however, all this changed when I did my “Hash” walk last week. The Hash is just a group of people who every month takes a different walk (about four miles) through the woods. It is a great way to make new friends get some exercise and explore a part of Thailand you might never see.

Now this is where it gets interesting! One of my walking buddies, Kelley who is from Boulder, Colorado and teaches English here in Chiang Rai was having a problem walking due to an accident on her bike. We found a piece of bamboo that was perfect to help her along our walk.

So a new idea was born, why not use this simple piece of bamboo as my cane which I now call my staff during my walk. It already has history to it, and it can’t be more authentic as a part of Thailand. Now my next task will be to carry this five-foot pole on the airplane? I don’t know what their restrictions are at this point?

So our adventure continues, not sure what’s around the next corner, even before I take my first step? Not knowing is part of all the fun of this! My friend Billie called me a “Rascal” she seems that best describes me? So should I call myself, “Rascal Jim?”

I’m excited, nervously. Love and stuff…Jim, or maybe soon to become “RJ”

My “NEW”–old Staff !

Click …HERE to watch our “Come with us” video!



  1. Judith Martinson-Savage says:

    Jim, take the challenge, go for it. Your “NEW” old Staff is a great companion .Looking good. Love, Judith

  2. Taylor B. [ Wheaties] says:

    Hey Jim, My name is Taylor and Im in the process of planning my pilgrimmage on El Camino for summer of 2013. Im just now graduating from college, and will be walking with my mother (she introduced me to your blog).
    I recently hiked a chunk of the Appalachian Trail, here in the U.S., and cannot wait to get back into that rhythm of putting one foot in front of the other. I read on a seperate page of your blog that you had found the ‘ideal’ tent, but stated it weighed 6 lbs! That may not sound like much now, but 100 miles into your walk, I can almost guarantee that will feel like a load of bricks, and probably be the heaviest thing you are carrying. The heaviest thing in my pack was water for the day.
    If you search for Ultra Light tents, there are far lighter options. Im not sure what your price range is, but of course there will be options at both ends of the $ spectrum. When I hiked the AT I carried a ‘Jungle Hammock’ with a built-in bug netting. It weighs less than 1 lb! And believe it or not, my back feels much better after a night in the hammock, than sleeping on the ground in a tent.
    Well, just some thoughts I wanted to pass along to another travel enthusiast, hope to see you out there.

    Bien Camino!

    • Hi Taylor, what an exciting adventure you are about to take. Please continue with your suggestions. The real story here is not what you’re bringing along? It is your taking this trip with your mother after you graduate from college.
      Yes, you’re right on planning what to take and what not to take is important. I am sure we will bring too much of this and not enough of that! One suggestion is you keep a journal (start now, just a paragraph or so) this is even more important than photographs. It lets you reach into the Heart-Head part of your experience. I promise in years to come this will become very rewarding to you!

      OK back to your suggestion on what to bring. I don’t have it figured out yet. However, I’m working backwards. They say, don’t carry more than 10% of your body weight? I weight about 185, so I am looking at carrying a max of 20 pounds.

      I thought about the hammock, tried that in Mexico, last year didn’t work at 67 had too many problems with my back. So back to the weight challenge, 6 lbs.’ tent 3 lbs.’ sleeping bag 5 lbs.’ backpack, my laptop. Oh, oh, I’m already in trouble. Maybe I could put wheels on my backpack and pull it? lol… you know what; I think I just won’t worry about it. I got the feeling; I won’t be able to make the 484 miles in 30 days? Even so, I do know I can complete the walk! Let’s see I will be 68 when I start, so I know I can finish by the time I turn 80. I am having so much fun with this “life thing” I look at every day as a gift. You know one thing I didn’t think of is carrying the weight of the water, thanks. Hope to meet you on “THE WAY.” Did your mother get my email? Jim

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