I like this challenge of learning something “brand new” everyday! Last night I watched a program on building a new heart for a mouse with in mind the principles can be adapted to a human heart. Every day, I ask myself “What is the lesson” here! This morning I asked myself what I  learned from this National Geographic program. To my surprise, I realized my lesson was not about the heart but the ability to really listening to another person and evaluate it and make my choice to agree or disagree with what I heard and use my head and heart to gain a new view on….whatever!

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Why not think about some things you’ve never done before and do them simply because you’ve never done them and for no other reason?


I know what you’re thinking; what does this have to do with my 484-mile Camino walk? A lot, because it has opened up new doors to my life! I have always said my experience of being in jail in Belize was the beginning of every question I had about life being answered, and it did. However, by me growing, emotionally, physically and spiritually has brought new questions into my very happy life. A part of me says, “Stay the way you are; happier than I have ever been.” Nevertheless, there is another part saying, “You have only just begun, and there is more on the way.” That is why I am doing the walk. At this point, I don’t know what the lesson will be?

The support for me doing the walk has been overwhelming. However, some people have been very critical of me doing this with “NO MONEY,” even though I have the money to pay my way during the walk, I have still chosen to do this with no money in my pocket! Hang in  there guys in the end I hope this will make sense to you and me. There has to be a lesson in all this for all of us.


OK back to fun stuff, my exercise program, oh what a challenge. You might remember on my daily “get into shape” plan with swimming and the monster pedal machine which I had a love-hate relationship with; we have now become friends? Yes…. I think it’s now a love-love thing! When I started I could only do four minutes, my goal was 30 minutes and guess what? I did it and I did not die! Every day, I added one minute to my promise to myself to make it to 30. Yesterday my goal was 28 and decided to push it to the limit and go all the way, so I made this task ahead of schedule. Now onto the treadmill, this will be more of a maintenance program.

I know some of you think BIG deal 30 minutes is not that long. However, for me, it was, and I am looking at walking for a half hour and take a breather and then move on. But back to where is the lesson here question? For me, it’s the feeling I get when I accomplish a goal. It does make me feel good, and that is where I like to live in the “FELL GOOD” mode. Some of you probably watched my video on when after two months I made the underwater swim for the full length of the pool. Those made me feel good! Then when I tried to hold my breath underwater, the first day was 40 seconds my goal was three minutes. After two months, I did that. It made me; feel good! See I am getting use to this feel-good thing. Isn’t that what life is all about?

  Today I had so many things to do, and if I tried to do everything it would have put me a way out of balance. So I chose to say no to some things, but the good news was I did not feel guilty saying NO!

My lesson for the day is “If I chose to live in the past, depression is almost a guarantee.” “If I chose to live in the future anxiety is sure to follow.” If I live for “TODAY” for the moment, and look for things to be grateful for, peace will come naturally! Do I go to those places? Of course, I do, but now I only visit; I do not stay there anymore.

If you have any friends who would like to join in on this adventure, remember you never have to leave your computer to be a part of this, they can go to caminowalk.org, and it will bring them to this website. I splurged and bought that name. It cost me $10, which is ten dinners here in Thailand. I guess more rice for me this week. Lol… Love to all, Jim or as some say… Rascal Jim.

Next week…most of my 484-miles I will be walking alone; what will I be thinking about?

 Is the real reason to walk the Camino to escape and hide?

This is part of an answer to this question from someone who going to start the walk!

Still waiting for the opportune moment when everything aligns before I set out….made me ponder the real reason of why I’d want to do this…and I realized that it’s really to escape, the get away, to put behind the failures, heartbreaks, disappointments, lies, deceptions, backstabbings, betrayals, lost hopes, unfulfilled dreams….


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