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The 484-mile Camino Walk is Almost One Million Steps!


ind 1

My Brother Bob visiting me in Thailand saying….

I know I can finish the walk! Don’t know how long it will take? If I should happen to break-a-leg during my journey,

It may take a little longer!


In a few weeks, I am on my way! So excited to explore the un-known? What is KNOWN, that “YOU” will cause a change in one child’s life? You

These children, want to be your friend!

These children, want to be your friend!

are about to become a part of these children’s lives in Kenya!

ind 3 One thing I do know; there is so much I don’t know? Since I left America three years ago, I thought I would save the world, it didn’t work! However, I have discovered I can be an example for others to choose to change…its working!

ind 4 I changed that saying of “Life is Short!” to “LIFE IS LONG WITH A BEAUTIFUL ROAD TO TRAVEL,” If…we can just enjoy the moment; a lot of moments in a life!


I am packing for my little walk, keep in mind; I must try to think of everything I will bring. Since I will be walking with no money, I will not have the option of going to a store and getting what I forgot. I am sure about the word “Improvise” will be used a lot on my voyage?

As you might know, in Thailand, the language is very difficult! Most Thais do speak English; however, they only know three words?….“A-LITTLE-BIT.” Going shopping is an experience in itself.

You might remember my past encounter with a want-to help, employee at Big C (like a Wal-Mart) when I was trying to buy some sheets for my bed, after 20 minutes with the manager who said, “OK now I understand! He then took me to the meat department and showed me “the sheep for sale” well the fun continues….

Since my teeth are like stars…they come out at night, I tried to explain I wanted to get something to soak my dentures in overnight, so I can have a fresh smile when I wake up in the morning for my daily walk.

My explanation did not work, so I went to the “SHOW AND TELL” method. Yes, I took out my teeth and with a brushing movement, I said ind 8“CLEAN,” after a huge laugh and calling over all the other employees to show them my teeth.  She motioned; I know what you need! Oh, I was so happy, until she returned with some Super Glue! I never did get my cleaning powder; guess; I will have to stick with my tooth paste.

ind 7 All kinds of new support coming in, with huge possibilities, like BBC, who is making a documentary on “The Camino Experience,” Singer-songwriter and star on the reality show “Housewives” Kandi Burgess may become involved. Another singer Dizzee Rascal could be a part of our “Save a Child’s Life in Kenya” project. CED Trade said they would meet me at the end of the walk in Compostela, Spain to give me a “BIG” check for the kids. Crowley Town FC is also jumping right in with all kinds of P.R…. AMAZING…is all I can say!

Packing almost complete? I Did not get the backpack I wanted but the one I did find fit into my low-budget. I am still trying to keep with my 20-pound goal, weighting every ounce, coming soon, my “funny” packing list!

OK Guys, until next week, love & stuff…Jim

Remember, if you want to follow me during the walk, I will only be posting on Facebook, I will not be sending out anything to my email list because of my limited availability of a computer.  Facebook… Jim Kaszynski or Jim’s Camino de Santiago.

ind 9

Click here>>> My do-not give up 50-meter un-water swim video, I did make it…this time!

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  1. Tom R says:


    I walked the last 100 miles (160 km) of the Camino de Santiago (French route) in 2010. Here are my thoughts and suggestions:

    Be sure to factor in water. You need to carry at least a liter with you–preferably two. If you go with one liter, plan to refill it once or twice a day. You will be walking through some rugged country and may not happen upon a water supply for miles at a time. Depending on what time of the year and whether it is a Xacobeo (holy) year, you might also not see another peregrino (pilgrim) for 2 or 3 hours at a time.

    I would also have a backup plan for food. A lot of people eat in villages along the walk and only carry snacks with them. You might be hard pressed to come up with sufficient nutrition to sustain your physical efforts (which will be considerable–especially in the more mountainous areas).

    To help you in your fundraising efforts, you might want to put a PayPal donation button on your website. It’s free and donors do not have to have a PayPal account to donate. You can find out more about it on eHow (http://www.ehow.com/how_5101985_create-donation-website.html) or of course at Paypal.com.

    ¡Buen Camino!

    Tom R

    • Thanks Tom, I do have a 2 liter water bag, The food issue, will still be my biggest challenge. Hope to find other Pilgrims who will share their food with me. I will be taking my 1st step soon, June 1st. I think I have every detail planed to a tee? Of course I do expect the un-expected! Sounds like you had an exciting experience and I thank you for your suggestions. In the next few days I am launching the secure donation site. That will be on my website. During the 484-miles, I will do my best to post on Facebook as I am walking, you can friend me at. jim kaszynski

      Thanks & stay happy…Jim jimideaman@netzero.net

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