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What would you take with you, on a 484-mile, money-less walk?


                       I KNOW WHAT MANY OF YOU ARE THINKING…”A CAR”
blnov 3

It has been brought to my attention …. You never have to apologize for something your heart tells you to do! Point taken…I am so “NOT” sorry for the journey I am about to take; Point taken?

Over 13,000, people have read my story on that “other forum” that I won’t mention. Only about 50 people disagree or miss-understand what I am about to do. Not too bad considering the controversy can turn out to be something good?

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” Buddha 

You know I love this dream thing! You can go to any-ware; any-time and sometimes the dreams come true. So it’s my dream come true time. I found a bargain flight to the US, so I can spend the holidays with family and friends, so much to share about the lessons I learned from my one year in Thailand.

So the only challenge I face is my three-day layover in L.A. before I make my way to Chicago. So if you know anyone who has a couch to spare for three days in L.A. let me know. I will be landing in L.A on Dec.12th.

First; The…WHY…WHY…WHY question which keeps being asked?

Because I can… or because I can’t?… But, with “NO MONEY”?

nov 101I have never been that “normal” child and being the odd ball… continues! Now I am still the older (don’t like the word OLD) child, which many say, “Never did grow up!” So true. Even so, I still, at times, let the “Child out to play!”

novwd I know we have some “NEW” people who have joined in on this adventure. So let me go over again the BIG question? Why am I doing this 484-mile Camino de Santiago, walking from France to Spain, plus, the BIGGER question “Why with no money?”

OK here goes…”Because I can!’ or is it, “Because I can’t?” Oh I love to make you think because sometimes I cannot?

Several reasons first I am in search of more! My life is really good now! However, I want more enlightenment on the purpose of life. Every day, I get my answers. Nevertheless, they are replaced by more questions…and I love it!
I will take this walk because; I seek enlightenment on how to overcome certain fears I have. No it is not the fear of having no money or food; I am over that part. Those questionable fears I will talk about in great detail when I complete the walk.

There are two additional reasons I will be taking this journey. To say, “Thank You” to the King of Thailand and this beautiful culture for teaching me some of my greatest life lessons I have ever learned. That everyone is equal and by helping another will bring you gifts that words cannot express!

This leads me into my second reason; the most important part of my walk. I now know I “CANNOT” change the world! As you read this, there is one child who just died because of starvation in Kenya! So my goal is to just save “ONE” child’s life!

Many of you have signed up with the other group I started called “The Big Hearts Gang” who all agreed to donate one penny for each mile I will walk, that is only a total of $4.84 and guess what we are over $2,000, and I have not even told everyone about it yet. WOW!

So I ask myself the question? “Would I walk 484-miles to save one child’s life, easy answer? Of course! Yes, I may become tired, angry, lonely nov ccand hungry, but it will be worth it! I look at it this way; I will learn more about myself plus help the one person who has no chance at life, we both win!

So this walk is no longer about me, it is about saving a life which through proper education will have the ability to change another person’s life by which may just change the world!

Each step I take will have a destination; however, the destination will be the journey! And the journey is to cause a change. So I am right where I want to be, with the uncertainty of where I am going but the assurance I am on the “RIGHT” path.

For you that signed up for “THE BIG HEARTS GANG” that blog will be coming out in January. It will explain how your donation will save a life and make a huge difference in there and your life! I will show you how 100% of your money will change lives.
By the way, the orphanage in Kenya is off to a good start we have seven children and plenty of opportunities to grow, all because of you!

My humorous list of things I will bring along on my 484-mile walk is not complete but will be for my next blog. Stay happy and enjoy the moment.
Love & stuff. JIM


Practicing mindfulness, we recognize our own limitations. We know we have the Buddha-seed within us, but may need help harvesting it. Seeing this limitation, we look to others to shine their light upon us. No matter how much experience and intelligence we think we have, there is always more to be learned. Practicing mindfulness, we must pocket our pride and ego, and allow ourselves to learn from others. We practice right listening and right mindfulness, and take in the light around us.

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  1. Peter says:

    Thanks jimmy ,
    Your a true friend !

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